the country

With a population of 7.8 million, half of which is under 18 years old, access to education is vital for this country. Despite a regular economic growth since the 1990s a third of the people of Benin still live with less than one dollar per person and per day.


Difficult access to quality education

According to UNICEF, only one of three girls of school age is going to school. The offer remains insufficient in relation to the demand: lack of school rooms, furniture, learning material and teachers, more than half of them are unqualified. Many parents have difficulties paying the school equipment and the uniforms for their children.

In 2016, only 16% of the pupils passed the BEPC exam (end of secondary school) on a national level. This poor result underlines the importance of the problem concerning the quality of teaching.

Since January 2014 ASED has been working with the Life for All Foundation (Fondation Vie pour Tous), with a purpose of allowing everybody in North Benin to get a good education.


Current projects

A quality primary school in the commune of Kérou

Contribute to the development of quality education and make it accessible to all in the North of Benin. Create a centre of quality primary education in Kérou.

Completed projects

Strengthening the administrative management of the Champagnat College in Kandi

Strengthen the management of the college to improve its effectiveness.

Secondary school in Kandi

Implementation in stages of a high quality secondary school accessible to all in Kandi (2013-2016).

A mill at Champagnat College in Kandi

Construction and equipment of millet milling mill for the canteen of the college and for the inhabitants of the district (2016).

A quality primary school in Kandi

Construction and commissioning of a primary school that delivers quality education in Kandi (2016).

Training Workshop in Civil Engineering

Construction of a workshop for vocational training in civil engineering (2016).

A well for Sirarou

Drilling of a large-diameter well for the Sirarou primary school. For access to drinking water (2013-2014).