Strengthening the administrative management of the Champagnat College in Kandi

  Project title

Strengthening the administrative management of the Champagnat College in Kandi


Kandi, North Benin

  Starting point

In Benin, all children do not have access to school and moreover, the quality of education is very bad. Classes are overcrowded and teachers are poorly trained. The situation is even more difficult in the north of the country, considered a remote area. In partnership with ASED, the Life for All Foundation has set up the Champagnat College in Kandi which provides quality education accessible to all. The minimum infrastructure to deliver quality secondary education up to the baccalaureate is now operational. Strengthening the operations by improving the efficiency of the administrative management of the College will greatly increase the return on these investments.

   About the project

A room will be built to gather the various administrative functions (reception, offices, teachers’ room, archives, storage) which are currently scattered on the site in temporary premises. A computer tool, designed for the management of schools will be installed and staff trained in its use. Three experts from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Natitingou will be engaged for a series of missions aimed at initiating the necessary reforms to improve the administrative functioning of the college and to accompany the administration team in the implementation of these reforms.


The Life for All Foundation works in education, youth integration and health in Northern Benin. It has set up several services that belong to it and evolve towards independence.


01.08.2017 – 31.01.2019