Ease and secure access to school at the Champagnat school complex in Kandi

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Ease and secure access to the school at the Champagnat school complex in Kandi - setting up a school bus service


Kandi, North Benin

  Starting point

Benin is one of the poorest countries in the world where, as in many West African countries, educational infrastructure is inadequate to meet the needs of a young and fast growing population. Overfilled classrooms together with problems of quality of education, result in an extremely low success rate for national examinations. The situation is even more difficult in the north of the country, considered a remote area.

Since 2014, ASED has been working with the Life for All Foundation to develop a school complex in Kandi. The school now includes a primary school, a vocational training program in civil engineering and the entire secondary cycle. With trained teachers, less students, a culture of excellence, the college has become the best in the region and ranks among the best in the country.

   About the project

Because of its excellent results, Champagnat’s school’s reputation grows every year. Students flock there, sometimes coming from the most remote areas of Kandi commune and traveling up to 20 or 30 km a day. For these young people the journey is laborious, especially during the rainy season and during the heat season.

The difficulty of access and the risks related to student mobility have a significant impact on their schooling. Absenteeism and lack of attention in class increase with the travel time to reach the school. The abduction of children related to witchcraft practices is a growing problem in the region and, as the school is located on the outskirts of the city, a growing number of parents of young students are reluctant to send them to school.

To secure and facilitate access to school, the FVPT has decided to provide a bus and a school bus service. 200 young people will thus be able to access school safely and by all weathers so their attendance is sustained, they study in good conditions and therefore considerably improve their potential for success.


The Life for All Foundation (Fondation Vie Pour Tous) works in education, youth integration and health in northern Benin. It has set up several own services and evolves towards independence.



01.07.2018 – 31.12.2018

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