Secondary school in Kandi

  Project title

For a high quality secondary school in Kandi


Kandi Commune, Department of Alibori, Benin

  Starting point

The commune of Kandi has around 135’000 inhabitants of which 51% are under 15 years old. The commune has 55 primary schools. For secondary school, 13 colleges host more than 10,000 students in 2012. All lack classrooms, libraries and laboratories. Students are averaging 60 per class, studying under unfavorable conditions that lead to many dropouts.

The Life for All Foundation (FVPT), a development and social welfare organization, opened a college in 2010 to provide access to quality secondary education for children in the region. With a first module of 4 classrooms, Champagnat College opened its first high school class in Oct. 2010. Strengthening this project by continuing training and supervision of children up to the baccalaureate is a priority.

   About the project

The ASED project is broken down into several stages, it aims to build and equip the necessary classrooms for the continuation of education until the last year; build and equip a library and a science laboratory; provide classes with necessary teaching and learning materials; train teachers; establish a resource centre for teaching materials; equip the college to make it an environment conducive to study.

Students from disadvantaged social backgrounds or suburban areas will be given priority. Measures to financially relieve families will also be taken.


Life for All Foundation


2013 – 2016

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