Doubling the current capacity of the Champagnat college

  Project title increase its educational offers.


Kandi, Benin

  Starting point

Benin is facing significant population growth with an ever-increasing number of children and adolescents in need of access to education. Educational infrastructure, especially in the north of the country, is struggling to meet the needs and to provide quality education. Schools are overstaffed, teachers are inadequately trained and this is reflected in low results in national examinations.


ASED, in partnership with the Fondation Vie Pour Tous, is working to provide quality education for all in northern Benin. Its action targets particularly children with good school results from the poorest families. Champagnat College in Kandi, which ranks among the best in the country, cannot currently respond favourably to all requests for schooling.


The project wishes to double the capacity of the school (from 6th to 3rd grade) and to increase the number of students attending. The secondary school has recently strengthened its administrative management and is ready to increase its educational offer while maintaining the quality of education, which remains its main objective.

   About the project

The project plans to double the capacity of the secondary cycle of Champagnat College (classes 6ème to 3ème) and to offer 240 students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, access to quality secondary education.


In order to be able to increase the number of pupils having access to quality education, the project foresees the construction of a block of four new middle school classes, their equipment and teaching materials and their electrification (photovoltaic solar energy).

It is also planned to :

. the construction of two new blocks of latrines ;

. the purchase and installation of accounting software for the school and the training of staff in its use to strengthen its financial management ;

. and, the construction and equipment of a mixed physical education and sports area.


The number of direct beneficiaries of the project is 1,389, including the 606 current pupils in the school complex, 69 new pupils, 51 staff members (teachers and administrative staff) and 663 pupils and examiners from other schools during the national examination period.


Fondation Vie pour Tous,


2020 : ongoing