Burkina Faso, the country of « upright men » is a country of Western Africa which has no access to the sea. As a former French colony it now has a democratic regime. The climate is sudano-sahelian. Despite the aridity, agriculture plays an important role in the national economy.


THE importance of agriculture

Agriculture in Sahel is based on a traditional extensive system. Under the pressure of demography and real estate, this system has now reached its limits. Desertification expands rapidly in this fragile ecosystem thus threatening the food safety of a young and rapidly growing population.


children victims of misery

Rural misery draws young people to the cities. The most vulnerable, mainly girls, sometimes find themselves in desperate situations. Forced to accept abusive conditions, some of them become victims of unwanted pregnancies thus endangering their own life as well as that of their future child.


Level of education

Burkina Faso has one of the lowest school and literacy rate in the world. Despite important progresses that have been achieved during the last five years, the situation remains worrying according to UNICEF. There are numerous geographical disparities in terms of infrastructure and gender. The government, fully aware of these problems, has aimed at reaching a quality education for all in 2020.

Current projects

Venir en aide aux jeunes filles-mères et leurs bébés en situation de grande exclusion sociale.

Soutenir SOS filles mères dans l’accueil, la prise en charge sociale et la réinsertion socio-professionnelle des jeunes mères et de leurs enfants afin qu’elles puissent subvenir à leurs besoins et retrouver une place dans la société.


To enable young mothers to take control of their lives by combining an adapted professional activity while continuing to care for their children.

Establishment of a micro-gardening training center

At “La Saisonnière”, young people in difficulty are trained in micro-gardening, a technique of agricultural production that is adapted to an urban context.

Completed projects

An organic garden in the centre “Le Pont”

Two strong axes for a greater impact: training and socio-professional integration of vulnerable young people AND participatory actions of community interest.

Cine Yam for the transmission of sustainable development practices through images

A permanent documentary production workshop in the Sahelian bush, Burkina Faso

Reduce the impact of early pregnancy

Sensitization of communities in 4 communes.

Guiè pilot farm

Reinforcement of the rural development training center (CFAR) at the Guiè pilot farm. Classroom construction and program definition (2013-2015).

Sewing center in Banfora

A sewing school adapted to the needs of girls in difficulty.