Guiè pilot farm

  Project title

Support for development at the Guiè pilot farm


Region of Guiè, Burkina Faso

  Starting point

The pilot farm at Guiè is experimenting and developing a food crop production system to improve the fertility of degraded soils and to secure food production. This is the «bocage sahélien» (Sahelian grove). Managed by the association AZN (Association Zoramb Naagtaaba, “friends associate” in Mooré) exists since 1989.

A training center trained about fifteen apprentices. He faced many difficulties, in particular the lack of infrastructure for housing and education.


   About the project

ASED has been working with AZN since May 2013 to develop the pilot farm at Guiè. Young people can get the necessary theoretical and practical training to understand and reproduce the “Sahelian grove” system. The objective is to improve the food security of the Sahelian peoples by contributing to the development and dissemination of sustainable agricultural production systems adapted to the natural, socio-economic and cultural context, integrating the restoration of degraded agro-ecosystems.

The main activities of the project are: the construction and equipment of a building housing 2 classrooms and dormitories for 50 students; training administrative and educational teams and writing reference manuals; information campaigns and the development of the influence network of the learning center.




2013 – 2015

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