Cine Yam for the transmission of sustainable development practices through images

  Project title

Establishment of a film production workshop for a sustainable rural development in the Sahel


Burkina-Faso, Dapélogo

  Starting point

The Ferme Pilote de Guiè has given priority to the development of agro-sylvo-pastoral techniques for the restoration of degraded soils. It has developed a new agricultural production system adapted to the geographical area: the Sahelian bocage. This pioneering experience is now recognized internationally and is attracting the interest of many development organizations. In addition to agricultural practices alone, AZN has integrated all the cross-cutting areas of sustainable rural development.


Although AZN’s approach is endogenous, it is based on openness and exchange: permanent links with the surrounding towns and the capital, Internet access, hosting international trainers, students and trainees from the two training centres, and an international support network. It wishes to multiply its action through an innovative programme for the transmission of sustainable development practices through images: CINE YAM, Sahelian Documentary Farmer.


AZN’s innovative practices have now reached a recognized maturity, and need to use regularly communication and transmission tools. The Internet’s recent and dazzling irruption in the most remote regions of the continent is now turning the situation upside down. AZN can now address rural communities in the Sahel directly.


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   About the project

This project set up the Ciné Yam: a permanent documentary production workshop in the Sahelian bush in Burkina Faso.

Its aim is to transmit through images all the agroecological and rural development practices developed over 25 years of research and development by the AZN’s Ferme Pilote de Guié. These are techniques that considerably and sustainably improve agricultural food production.


The objective is to improve the food security of the Sahelian peoples by contributing to the development and dissemination of sustainable agricultural production systems adapted to the natural, socio-economic and cultural context, integrating the restoration of degraded agro-ecosystems.


The project plans to support the AZN production team to help them gradually acquire autonomy of implementation, equipment with professional material and control of the management of a web-based dissemination platform.


The Centre de Formation des Aménageurs Ruraux (CFAR), built with the support of ASED in a previous project, will enable the young people trained there to be the direct beneficiaries of the project. Indeed, the young people participate in the making of the films and these are used as material for their training.


To view and download the films :
YouTube of the Ciné Yam


La Trame, association for image education;

AZN, village association (Guiè).


2017 – 2021: ongoing

You can follow the progress of the project on the facebook page of @PaysansSahéliensDocumentaristes!