Reduce the impact of early pregnancy

  Project title

Reducing the Impact of Pregnancy on the Personal Development of Young Girls in Comoe Province, Burkina Faso


Burkina Faso, Comoe Province

  Starting point

In Burkina Faso, as in many countries in West Africa, the number of early pregnancies is particularly high. In 1993, 67% of 15-19 year-old girls had had a child, were or had been pregnant. They were still 59% in 1999 (Source: CERPO / SARA 2004. EDS) and according to UNFA in 2013, more than 28% of girls became pregnant before the age of 18 years.

Unwanted early pregnancy is a common cause of school drop-out. Complications of pregnancy and childbirth are also the second cause of death among girls aged 15 to 19 in the world. Nearly 3 million unsafe abortions occur in this age group each year, contributing to maternal mortality and leading to long-term health problems. In addition to these health consequences, there is often a social exclusion, these pregnancies being mostly unwanted and sometimes occurring in a context that does not conform to local social conventions.

The Cherenfant association in Banfora already helps young girls in difficulty and the children of girl-mothers. Beyond the direct help it provides to people in difficulty, this association wants to invest in prevention by organizing information and awareness activities in rural communities where these girls usually come from. Investing in prevention is also a recommendation of the FGC Technical Commission which finances the project to help girls in difficult situations – managed by ASED in partnership with Cherenfant.

   About the project

This project will rely on the establishment of “relay nuclei” in each of the 4 communes targeted (16 villages in all) by the project: it is a resident animator from the community, who will be trained and who will represent the project to the beneficiaries. These “relay nuclei” will be supervised by a facilitator.

A first step will be to inform, convince and gain the support of local authorities and health personnel in each locality. Then a series of preparatory trainings will be organized: 1) Training of animators and relay nuclei on the themes of Information, Education and Communication for the Awareness of Behavioral Change (IEC / BCC) and on the Health of the reproduction; 2) Training on the use of contraceptive methods (training planned in Banfora in two days); 3) Training of the project steering committee on monitoring and evaluation, management and coordination (training will be 3 days in Banfora). Finally awareness activities can begin: educational talks, theater, screenings, radio shows and games.


This project is executed in partnership with the Cherenfant association in Banfora.


From 01.09.2017 to 31.12.2018