Specialization in disability

ASED has been working in Albania since 1993, and has acquired a unique experience in development aid, mainly focused on the disability sector. Since the year 2000, ASED’s projects are part of the Marcela programme, the purpose of which is the rehabilitation of the country’s disability sector. This programme focuses on two complementary axes :

  • Development of a training program for specialized educators, i.e. the first Pedagogic Specialized Unity (PSU) created in 2002 in the city of Vlorë in partnership with the HEP (Haute École de Pédagogie) Vaud, and the support of the DDC.
  • Setting up Decentralized Units for Disability (DUD) and other infrastructures such as homes, orphanages and kindergartens for children and young disabled persons, in several Albanian cities.



Current projects

Towards an appropriate care for young people and adults

To refocus the approach of the managing staff of residential centers for people with disabilities to allow the introduction of professional activities.

Completed projects

Equipment of a Day Centre for disabled children in Kuçova

A project to equip a Centre in educational material (2017).

UDH in Kavajë and Çorovodë

Creation of two Day Centres in Kavaje and Çorovodë (2013-2015).

UDH in Gramsh

Creation of a Day Centre for disabled children and adolescents in Gramsh (2010-2011).

UDH in Kukes

Creation of a Day Centre for children and adolescents with disabilities in Kukes (2009).

Lira Complex in Berat

Construction of a Multipurpose Centre for disabled people in Berat (2005-2009).

Marcela Program

Development of a training program for specialized educators (2000-2008).