UDH in Kavajë and Çorovodë

  Project title

Creation of two Day Centres in Kavajë and Çorovodë


Kavajë, Tirans Prefecture, Albania

Çorovodë, Albania

  Starting point

Located 20 km south of the City of Durrës, the city of Kavajë has a population of 39’000 inhabitants. In this city, the Town Hall pays for the transportation of disable children to the Reception Centre in Durrës. The commitment of the Politics to take care of these children is therefore secured and it is at the request of the City Council that ASED intervenes.

Çorovodë is located in the centre of the country, a rather isolated area where social services are insufficient.

   About the project

The Kavajë City Council has made a plot available to build a Day Centre. This construction is integrated into the development plan of the Municipality. Complementary social services will be installed nearby.

The Çorovodë City Council has allocated a building to be renovated to the project.

The ASED project includes the following activities: the construction or renovation and equipment of the premises, the training in specialized pedagogy of parents, staff and other professionals of the city who can be in relations with disabled people; the set-up of a transport service; the recruitment of staff for the Centres; some campaigns of public information and awareness.

These services will be made available to about forty disabled children.