Towards an appropriate care for young people and adults

  Project title

Training of senior staff of residential centers for people with disabilities


Shkoder, Berat, Tirane, Durres, Vlore and Korce, Albania

  Starting point

In centers hosting disabled young people and adults in Albania, there is a real need to develop new activities aimed at the professional and social integration of residents. Many people have the physical and mental skills to work. To leave them to occupational activities would be to condemn them to regress.

The centers offer opportunities to develop new activities. These institutions have spaces, managers and staff that are competent and open to change.

   About the project

The three-year project provides for the organization of an initial seminar with the leaders of these centers to introduce a reorientation of their approach that will allow the start of professional activities for the residents. This will significantly increase their independence and quality of life. This seminar will be followed by a coaching (2 annual visits) over three years and completed by a complete analysis of the possibilities of each center to develop activities of a professional nature.


The problems of insertion of young and disabled adults will then be solved by a natural evolution consequent to these changes of approach.


SSEB (Stiftung des Seebezirks für Erwachsene Behinderte – Lake District Foundation for Disabled Adults)

Albanian Ministry of Social Action

Lira Center of Berat


April 2018 – March 2021