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Marcela Program



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There are only few Institutions for people with disabilities in Albania, especially for those with significant disabilities. Overall, although their situation has slowly improved, much remains to be done, especially at the local level. Prejudices against so-called “different” people are still present.

The Institute of Specialized Pedagogy (IPS) of the University of Vlorë, set up in 2003, represents the only possibility of academic training in the field of disability in Albania. The many specialized educators that are trained in this Institute represent a potential of competence that can significantly contribute to improving the care of disabled people in the country, especially in the most disadvantaged areas where the needs are the greatest. It is therefore imperative to ensure that they can practice their profession in Albanian institutions and that they are not obliged to leave the country due to a lack of professional opportunities.

   About the project

The Marcela project created 6 small decentralized disability units (UDH). Created at the local level and intended to provide therapeutic and psychosocial care for children and adolescents with mental disabilities and / or multiple disabilities. The management of these units is ensured by graduates in Education of the IPS of Vlorë. The mission of the UDH is also to help raise the awareness of local actors (public schools, parents, etc.) about the problems and discrimination that are faced by people with disabilities.

UDHs have the necessary spaces for quality supervision and access to treatments such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy are available. Collaboration and exchange spaces, fun methods allow the child to develop.

ASED started the project with the cities of Vlorë and Kukës in 2008. Other cities, Gramsh and Elbasan, followed in 2010 and 2011. The City Councils made premises available, then completely renovated and equipped by ASED. The operating costs of UDH are provided by ASED for 12 months. After this period, ASED hands over to the local authorities.


University of Vlorë


2000 – 2008