UDH in Kukes

  Project title

Kukes Day Center



  Starting point

Kukès did not have any infrastructure for the Disabled in 2008. This region needed it the most, according to the global program of disability management.

   About the project

The purpose of the ASED project is to organize a day reception in a Centre with professionals, and to develop a tuition programme for those around them and the authorities to know how to better care for and easily integrate the Disabled especially without mistreating them. A bus could be financed to pick them up from home. ASED has managed to obtain communal buildings to transform, equip, and where to organize this unit. ASED has made it possible to create a Day-care Centre for disabled children and adolescents accompanied by their loved ones in order to obtain appropriate help and information. The project is sustainable thanks to the transfer of management of the Centre to the Municipality.