A mill at Champagnat College in Kandi

  Project title

A mill at Champagnat College in Kandi


Kandi Commune, Department of Alibori, Benin

  Starting point

The dough is the basis of alimentation in Benin. It is made from freshly ground cereals (millet, corn). In the kitchen of the canteen of the college of Champagnat, it is not easy to have everyday and at the right time the flour necessary for feeding the 134 students who take their meals there. The mills of the city operate irregularly, victims of unforeseen events, breakdowns, mismanagement, fuel breaks, etc. It is common to have to travel all over the city in search of an open mill. This disrupts the pace of classes, as students cannot eat at the scheduled time.

   About the project

The project will build a room at the Champagnat College and install a flour mill. This will improve the independence of the canteen, the schedules will be better respected, the costs will be reduced, the integration of the school in the neighbourhood will be improved and hygiene will be ensured. Its exploitation for the people of the neighbourhood will generate revenues that will contribute to the running costs.


Life for All Foundation


2016 – 2017

The mill in operation !

Cereal mill for the canteen of the Champagnat College in Kandi, Benin. From ASED on Vimeo.