Strengthening of technical knowledge in Mozambique

  Project title

Strengthening of technical knowledge in Mozambique


Marrere, Malema, Nampula province, Mozambique

  Starting point

Mozambique has suffered 20 years of turmoil. An entire generation has been deprived of decent educational conditions. Skills and technical savoir-faire were lost. Presently the country is being reconstructed and there is a lack of skilled craftsmen.

   About the project

In the professional schools of Malema and Marrere, in Nampula province, ASED financially backs technical supervision in the teaching of locksmith, ironworks and masonry by volunteers from the “school of companions”. They supervise the local teachers and with their help create adapted support for the courses.

The project also finances the purchase of a vehicle in order to enhance the exchange of persons and material between the schools.

Upon termination of the project, the local teachers will continue to transmit to the local craftsmen as well as to the future technical teachers the acquired knowledge, the teaching methods and also certain values pertaining to the “school of companions” (rigor, excellence, transmission of knowledge).


DISOP, Cargill Genève, Compagnon du devoir


2014 – August 2018