Infrastructure Development at the Lotus Petal Foundation School

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Infrastructure Development at the Lotus Petal Foundation School in Gurgaon, India and Nutritional Support for Students


Gurugram, India

  Starting point

Gurugram, on the outskirts of Delhi, is one of the largest business centers in India. It hosts the Indian headquarters of many multinationals, luxurious residential buildings and huge shopping centers. There are also hundreds of shantytowns where migrant workers reside, attracted by the rapid growth of the city. Workers, peddlers, drivers, servants, etc. live in precarious conditions, without access to drinking water, electricity, toilets or sewage systems. It is estimated that 30% of Gurugram’s population, i.e. over 600,000 persons, live in extreme urban poverty. Children are the first victims.

Since 2011 our partner Lotus Petal Foundation (LPF) has been working to improve the lives of children in the Gurugram slums. The LPF school offers them a holistic and quality education suited to their needs, professional training in line with the local context and the medical and nutritional support that is necessary for their development.

   About the project

Given the success of the school and the growing demand for enrollment (over 1,000 per year), the existing infrastructure has reached its limits. In response to the situation, LPF, with the support of ASED, has built a new building of 12 classrooms that will allow it to double its capacity in 2 years, from 300 to 600 students (primary and secondary).

Along with the teaching, LPF ensures the health and nutrition of every student. The project allows LPF to offer breakfast and daily food supplements to all children and to expand the kitchen to prepare meals for 600 children.

The construction work was completed in April 2018. The new kitchen was operational in January 2018 and in May 2018 the school accommodated 450 students. Nutritional support will continue until the end of 2018.


Lotus Petal Foundation was created in 2011 by Kushal Raj Chakravorty, a then young executive in an international company. Touched by the poverty and lack of future of young people in his neighborhood, he decided to provide school support to 7 children. 7 years later, he is the Head of the Lotus Petal Foundation, a non-profit organization that runs a school of 450 students offering free and quality education to children living in Gurugram slums and nutritional and medical support that is essential for their development. The goal of the Foundation is for every student to complete their education by having the training and tools to access the job market directly.


December 2017 – April 2019

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