Improving the quality of life of young people with disabilities at Umang Special Education Center

  Project title

Amélioration de la qualité de vie de 360 jeunes handicapés du Centre d’éducation spécialisée d’Umang


Jaipur, India

  Starting point

The latest census in India (2011) indicates that, out of a population of 1.21 billion people, 2.21% – or nearly 26.8 million – are disabled.

Despite the existence of a legislative framework that guarantees them equal opportunities, protection of their rights and full participation in society, the situation remains very difficult for people with disabilities who are often stigmatized, rejected and isolated. Few children have access to education and centers for specialized care are rare.

The Umang Foundation was founded in 2005 by professionals and parents with the aim of ensuring equal opportunities for people with disabilities in Jaipur and improving their quality of life and that of their families. Persuaded that a holistic approach tailored to each individual will enable them to express their full potential and develop their autonomy, Umang offers a range of services to children and teens with disabilities and their families (special education, vocational and pre-vocational training, physiotherapy and speech therapy, etc.). At present 360 children and young people attend the Umang center.

   About the project

In May 2016, Umang completed the construction of a new center that brought together all its services, once scattered and difficult to access. The four-storey building allows easy access and use for anyone with disabilities and provides all the space needed for the activities carried out by the center.

Today the center is working but to comply with standards and provides quality service, some infrastructure needs to be completed. The installation of a metal barrier on the external ramp of the building (235 meters) and an elevator connecting the 4 floors of the building will facilitate and secure the movements. The development of a shop space to sell the products of Umang’s workshops (sewing, stationery, cooking) will enhance the work of young people in training and provide them with an income.


Umang, a non-profit organization based in Jaipur, the capital-city of Rajasthan, welcomes people with autism, cerebral palsy and / or mental / multiple disabilities. It offers various services tailored to each individual’s needs, aiming at a holistic development of the individual. Named “Reference Center for Rajasthan” by the Indian Government, it participates in the development of public policies for the disabled and the training of specialized educators.


15 months (August 2017 – October 2018)