Empowerment of the Sembana Mijoro Center (CSM)

  Project title

Empowerment of the Sembana Mijoro Center - Implementation of income-generating activities by young people with disabilities


Antananarivo, Madagascar


  Starting point

Created on June 17, 2003, the Sembana Mijoro Center (CSM) works for the educational and vocational integration of children and young people with disabilities. Among the activities of the center are: school sponsorship, placement in companies, setting up a sewing workshop, vocational training (computer, pastry, sewing), the management of a specialized school which welcomes children and youth with cerebral palsy and / or less severe intellectual disability. In total about 200 disabled people have improved their living conditions, thanks to the services offered by the center.


The CSM operates mainly through one-off donations. In the absence of regular revenues, fundraising is a big part of the energy of the management team.

   About the project

By investing in income-generating activities for the benefit of the CSM, this project will both ensure the financial autonomy of the center and contribute to the social and professional integration of people with disabilities in Antananarivo. It is planned to acquire a building in the city center, to establish on the ground floor a small restaurant, a sewing shop and a cyber center. These three activities will employ disabled youth trained by the center. One floor will be converted into offices and rented to generate regular income.


Centre Sembana Mijoro (CSM)


February 2017 – January 2019