Girls’ school in Anoopshar

  Project title

Pardada-Pardadi : professional school for girls


Village of Anupshahar, district of Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh

  Starting point

Since the year 2000, the girls’ school “Pardad-Pardadi Educational Society” (PPES) has been actively working on the improvement of the living conditions of the girls living in a rural environment.  It enables them to get free education and strengthens their position in society. The school has been founded by Virender (Sam) Singh, native of the village Anupshahar. With the creation of this institution, Mr. Singh wanted  to destroy the vicious circle of poverty by allowing society’s most vulnerable members (namely girls) to take control of their destiny.

   About the project

The project was carried out between March 2011 and July 2012. The construction of a building with 6 fully equipped class rooms as well as a high quality sanitary bloc with running water, helped to improve the reception of the children. With the purchase of a 40 seat bus, the project allowed easier access to the school. Finally, the teaching of English has been improved by the setting-up of a computer equipped language laboratory, teaching material and well-trained teachers knowing how to use the newly available material.

Additional funds have enabled  the purchase of 57 bicycles as well as winter clothing for 1.100 students (girls). The funds also supported an innovative initiative “Rags to pads” (manufacturing of sanitary napkins).

As of today 350 students and teachers coming from 43 villages in the area are attending the school.


Pardada-Pardadi Educational Society (PPES)


2011 – 2012