Professional training in Nizamuddin

  Project title

Development of professional training in website design and management


Delhi, India

  Starting point

Founded more than 50 years ago, SOS Children’s Villages India (SOS VEI) is an independent, non-governmental association working in the field of social development whose goal is to give a home to orphaned children, abandoned or whose children parents are unable to assume the responsibility and sustainably encourage their development.

In addition to thirty or so children’s villages in operation across the country, SOS VEI runs schools and vocational training centers.

One of these centers, located in the district of Nizamuddin in Delhi, since 2011 has trained young people from slums around in areas of information technology and communication sought after in the labor market. Once they have completed their training SOS VEI helps these young people to find a job with partner companies.

   About the project

With the development of e-commerce and the need, or even the need, for businesses to establish their online presence, web design has become an essential function in all businesses, large and small.

To meet the growing demand of young people and local businesses SOS VIE has decided to set up an Assistant Training in Design and Management of Websites.

The project will purchase the necessary equipment to start this training (computers, programs, electrical installation, furniture). The Nizamuddin center already has an appropriate room and will pay operating costs.


SOS Children’s Villages of India


November 2016 – July 2018