Mangily Agro-Forestry Center

  Project title

Creation of Mangily agro-forestry and ecotourism training center


Village of Mangily, Rural Municipality of Belalanda, Atsimo Andrefana Region, Madagascar

  Starting point

In the Tuléar region, the traditional economy is based on the exploitation of fishery and forest natural resources. The booming demography is increasing the harvesting and threatening the fragile ecosystem. If nothing is done the region will head into an ecological disaster that will have a dramatic impact on the lives of the poorest families.

The NGO Bel Avenir has been present for ten years in Mangily. It is experimenting agroforestry farming techniques that respect the environment. Children from neighbouring villages regularly come to the NGO site for awareness sessions on environmental issues.

   About the project

A training center in agroforestry and ecotourism gives a two-year training to young people who are not enrolled in the school system. It is aimed primarily at the most vulnerable young people (at risk of prostitution or delinquency, for example).

At the end of this training they will know the limits and the potentialities of the environment in which they live. They will be better able to carry out lucrative activities while preserving resources.


ONG Bel Avenir


October 2014 – October 2018