Deepalaya school in Gusbethi

  Project title

Infrastructure development and professional training at the Gusbethi Deepalaya school


Gusbethi, Mewat District, India

  Starting point

Deepalaya is a well-known Indian association which, since 1979, is actively working on the improvement of the living conditions of the poor, urban and rural, focusing mainly on children. Convinced that “every child deserves his chance” Deepalaya gives them the opportunity to improve their future, as well as the future of their families and communities.

Deepalaya had set up a college in Gusbethi which can host 500 students. The association wanted to develop the college infrastructures to enable it to meet all the registration requests (especially for girls) and improve its hosting capacity to 850 children. It also aimed at creating professional training programs for the students of the school and for the young people of the area.

   About the project

The project  enabled the construction and the equipment of a new building, comprising 8 class rooms, an administrative office and two sanitary blocs. The school also offered professional training in sewing, beauty care as well as a training in the installation and repair of electrical devices during the entire time of the project.




December 2012 – July 2014