Project title

Development of infrastructures and professional training


Bhawgarh, Jaipur, India

  Starting point

Digantar is an Indian Association which is promoting high quality education since 1989. It is a leader educational research and development of school material. The association also offers training to educational staff of other associations as well as to public and private schools.

In Jaipur Digantar created a college which accepts 640 pupils. The infrastructures are insufficient to face the high number of applications. It must improve its transportation services to enable the children of the area to reach the school. Digantar also aims at developing professional technical training.

The association mainly focuses on the education of girls.

   About the project

The project will enable the construction of 5 new rooms: A science laboratory, a computer laboratory, an infirmary, a workshop for professional training and a library. It will also finance a sanitary bloc, a water purifying installation and the purchase of a bus for the transportation of the pupils.




January 2014 – December 2017