Training Workshop in Civil Engineering

  Project title

A workshop for Training in Civil Engineering in Kandi


Kandi Commune, Department of Alibori, Benin

  Starting point

The Life for All Foundation (FVPT) is a Beninese organization that aims to provide access to quality education accessible to all in the north of the country. Thus the Champagnat College continues its development in collaboration with ASED. However, not all students are expected to follow the general education pathway. In order for Kandi students to also have access to vocational training at the secondary level, the FVPT has started a technical training in Civil Engineering. It is a relatively easy-to-access job that can be practiced without having to make large investments and for which there is a high demand for qualified personnel in the region. The pupils have the necessary classes for the theoretical teaching but they lack a workshop adapted for the practical exercises.

   About the project

Build a workshop: a covered platform of 72 m2 will be built to accommodate a maximum of 18 students. Two storage depots will be built at each end, one for building materials, the other for teaching materials.

Equip the school with the necessary teaching materials: the teaching material includes all the instruments and documents allowing teachers to provide quality education. Teachers will have access to all the necessary materials.


Life for All Foundation