a tumultuous history

At the end of the colonial period (1975) Mozambique underwent a long period of internal conflicts and political trouble. In 1995 the country was hit by devastating floods. These ordeals have destroyed the infrastructures and public services of the whole country. In Mozambique an entire generation has not been trained. Therefore, it is a challenge for the present government to reinstall a system of education and to reintroduce the loss of « savoir-faire ». Now is the time for reconstruction and numerous companies are investing in the country. There is an important need for qualified workers: professional training is therefore a priority.


regional disparities

The North has been particularly neglected. Hardly any project initiatives and development programmes are initiated there, most of them are mainly concentrated on the Southern part of Mozambique. Therefore,  future projects concentrate mainly on that area.

aucun projet en cours

Completed projects

Strengthening of technical knowledge in Mozambique

Technical supervision in the teaching of locksmith and masonry by craftsmen, improvement of the quality of technical teaching in the professional schools of Marrere, Malema and Mecubùri.

Creation of two schools of agriculture in the Gaza area in Mozambique

Creation of the Chinhacanine school of agriculture in the Gaza area, south of Mozambique (2014-2016).

Professional training in Mozambique: agriculture and carpentry

Construction d’un atelier de menuiserie à l’école poyvalente de Marrere, construction de l’internat pour les filles à l’école d’agriculture de Mecubùri (2012-2013).